Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 2282 Landed

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Chapter 2282 Landed

The Morales army charged forward, not showing the slightest hint of fear toward the lineup of Ancestors. With a rush, a barrier formed over the palace, however the army seemed prepared. They closed the distance to just 50 meters and then came to a controlled stop.

Three groups of troops felt their bodies tremble as three large translucent shields appeared in the skies. They resonated with a clear power and prepared a perfect defense even before the canons of the Pyius family canons took shape and fired.

Leonel wasn't surprised by this. He only needed one army for 10 of the Constellation families because he had insider information. He knew about all of their formations, where they were located, and a general idea of what their weaknesses might be.

Against the Quarius and Pyiu families, though, he had no such information and was forced to compensate with larger numbers. However, "larger" was only relative. Charging into a Constellation family's territory with just 60 million troops was like trying to eat an elephant to death with just a handful of ants.

But that was Leonel's confidence.

The formation had only appeared for an instant, and the shields of the army had only been bombarded a single time, but Leonel's gaze had already flickered. He raised up a hand and another three troops trembled as their armors began to echo with a pulsing energy.

Leonel aligned his arms as though he was holding an invisible bow even as three large bows appeared in the skies. However, this wasn't the function of the armors. Rather, a large gathering of Spear Force took shape and settled into the bows.

Leonel's body pulsed with a light as a blinding golden wave came from his eyes. The three weak points shone to him like the stars in the sky, his heart thrumming with life and power as he released his fingers through the air.


Three spears streaked across the skies too fast to stop. At first, the Ancestors of the Pyius family thought it to be a worthless endeavor to even try, that was what their formations were here for. They would crush Leonel from here.

While they felt that they could fight this army on their own, they were wary of the starships in the skies. They could sense the danger locking onto them with every step. At the same time, the armies that Leonel was sliced through like butter were recovering. Soon, Leonel would find himself pincered from the front and back, and by then, victory would only be a matter of time. However...


The first spear landed and the formation cracked. The second spear landed and it shattered. The third spear landed and the foundation of the palace was crushed, the quaking of the very core of the Pyius family territory being disrupted.

'There,' Leonel thought calmly.

The most difficult part about any of these incursions was finding the Holy Land. These were regions that seemed to be hidden away in a slice of space and they were even capable of hiding from Leonel.

However, there was a method he had found with some ease. Any formation built into the palace would also be among the strongest that the family could create. In order to do so, the process of building the formation would have to be incorporated into the building plans of the palace itself.

By the same token, the Holy Land was most likely hidden in this region as well, stored in the absolute safest place, the core of the family.

When one was disrupted, flaws would appear in them all for an instant, flaws that couldn't escape Leonel's senses at all. And when he found that flaw, he would take action.

Leonel took a step forward, a squadron of ten following him close in lockstep. Their movements were in sync, their faces and bodies hidden beneath dark black armor. With a single intention, their Force pooled together and began to swirl around Leonel like a whirlpool of water.

Leonel grasped at the air and his black rod appeared in his hands. He took another step and vanished from the center of the army along with his squadron of ten. He appeared in the midst of the Ancestors to their shock, his spear sweeping out.

A feeling of danger touched their hearts and a cold breeze sliced across their necks. They rushed backward, their hands subconsciously reaching up to their throats.

Leonel used the opening to step into the palace and smashed his foot down once. The whirlpool of Force around him roared and covered his leg in a tornado of energy. That single slam caused cracks to spread out in all directions, a sinkhole appearing right at the core of the most prestigious location of the Pyius family home...

A sinkhole right to their Holy Land.

Matriarch Pyius' eyes widened. She had retreated with her daughter the instant the battle began, the both of them still being in the Seventh Dimension and unable to make any large changes. But that didn't stop her from calling out.


It was too late.

Leonel reached out with a hand and a violent suction force formed from the arm Little Tolly coated. With a rush, the World Spirit of the Pyius family was crushed in his palm.

The Morales roared as the Pyius felt a pressure on their bodies that could only come from suppression. It was clear that victory was theirs, but Leonel was focused on the hole below. It practically looked like it led to another world, and from within it, he could feel an overwhelming strength heading right for him.

Leonel leapt backward, his squadron moving in unison with him. As he did so, he just barely managed to dodge out of the way of a coming strike so powerful that it tore apart the world. Space tried to stitch itself back together, but it took a great deal of effort.

An old man with a grizzled beard that reached down to his belly button appeared in its place, robes of purple and green hanging loosely from his shoulders and revealing the equally greyed hairs on his chest.

His eyes flashed and they landed on Leonel.

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