Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 2288 Wait Here

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Chapter 2288 Wait Here

Leonel sat in silent meditation. His expression didn't carry any hints of happiness, just focus. He had done nothing in these last several weeks other than meditate on his Vital Star Force. He gave it all the attention he had. Or, at least, this version of him had.

When he returned home triumphant, the Morales elders had nothing more to say. To use 120 million soldiers to conquer just one World Spirit of a Constellation Family was shocking enough, such a number was too far from the number of elites that were present in just one of these families. And yet, Leonel had used that number to take on 12.

If the status quo remained like this, in a year, the territory of the Morales would grow by more than 10 times, and there would be almost nowhere in the Human Domain that they couldn't go without having the advantage of suppression on their side. It was a realization that made them realize just what Leonel meant by saying that they were at an undeniable advantage.

But maybe the most shocking part of all of this was that they hadn't lost a single person. Some had died, but they had been revived just as easily. The Morales had essentially given up nothing but a sputteringly small amount of resources in exchange for the most valuable treasure of each and every family.

So, when Leonel gave them their next set of orders, they responded to them with sharp precision. When the third week came to an end, everything was prepared and Leonel slowly opened his eyes. As he did, the sight of himself reflected in his irises.

He didn't seem to be surprised by this, and why would he be? He simply touched his own hand and the two of them became one. All of the insights he had made into Vital Star Force came together as well, but unfortunately it still wasn't enough for a breakthrough, but he had expected this as well.

He took a step out of his meditation room and found his squadron of ten waiting for him. But these ten weren't just any ten, he knew them all too well. Joel, Arnold, James, Milan, Raj, Franco, Drake, Allan, Gil, and the latest edition... Raylion.

These ten hadn't participated in many battles, and he had purposely had them hold back during the Heir Wars as he never had intention of going all out for that battle. Since then, they had only grown ever stronger.

They had benefited greatly from the rewards Leonel had gotten for winning the Heir Wars. Each and every single one of them was already in Tier 9 of the Seventh Dimension, but this was also because they had entered the Sixth Dimension using the Conventional Path. Progressing for them was as easy as absorbing more resources, what was difficult was making it so that they could absorb more resources for the same increase in benefits. This required changing their very foundations, something that was far easier than it should have been... now that they had died before.

When Leonel had resurrected Armand and the others of the Constellation families using Breathe, he had done so with an ore instead of the Silver Tablet. That was more of an experiment than anything, a successful one at that. What he had been testing was how much he could improve someone's talent through the use of his Lineage Factor.

The result was beyond his expectations because... it was far easier than it should have been.

In Leonel's views, this only proved one of two things. Either the Fawkes family Lineage Factor was just that powerful, or the people of this Incomplete World were simply that weak.

In reality, it was a combination of both. But at the same time, it was also in great thanks to Tolliver.

When it came to Armand and the Blood Diamond Ore, Leonel had just chosen something that was close enough and tested it out. However, when it came to his brothers, not only did he pick out such Ores, but he used Little Tolly's abilities to fuse them together, forming them into new ores that perfectly matched their paths.

Little Tolly could only create Sixth Dimensional Ores, but Leonel had realized after meeting El'Rion that Dimension was next to irrelevant. In fact, it probably would have been better the lower their Dimension was, it would only make it easier to reforge their foundations.

The stronger his Crafting became, the more perfect the Ores he would be able to forge with Little Tolly, and the stronger he could make his brothers. So long as they were willing to experience death and trust him with their souls, he could take them as far as he could go.

And now, while each one wasn't yet as strong as Junior Ancestors, together with their armor, they could kill as many came their way. Once they settled in with their new talent and their Force Manipulation caught up, even Junior Ancestors wouldn't be a match for them. And with him leading them...

Even Ancestors weren't their match.

"Let's go," Leonel said lightly.

They all vanished at once, and when they appeared outside the Segmented Cube, they found a sky filled with starships. It wasn't just one or two, it wasn't even just a few dozen, there were hundreds. In the whole of the Human Domain, even in the whole of the Dimensional Verse, the number of Ancestors didn't greatly surpass this number. And yet, just one of these starships could take out an army of them on their own.

Overlord Morales appeared by Leonel's side. No one knew who this old man was, and he even looked like Leonel's advisor to most. No one would guess that this man was one of the strongest of the Morales family.

"Are you certain?"

"Why risk the lives of the most valuable Morales?" Leonel asked.

"At this point, I think it's fairly certain that the most valuable Morales is you."

"I don't think you mean that," Leonel said with a smile.

"You're too clever for your own good, child."

Leonel's lip curled. "Wait here for news of victory."

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