Novel Name : Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 1004 1004: Change

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Chapter 1004 1004: Change

"What did you do?!" Talia roared, realizing she couldn't stop Lucifer in time.

She could only watch as Lucifer thrust the Sacrificial Sword into the statue. The blinding light that erupted from the impact was unlike anything she had ever seen. It consumed Lucifer, obscuring him from view.

Not that wasn't the end of it. The entire realm had started trembling, cracks developing all around the world, as if the foundation of the world itself was destroyed.

Before Talia could react, a huge spatial explosion took place. A blinding light covered the entire realm and more.

Everything was engulfed in the light. All the life forms in the world were destroyed, as the artificial world itself broke apart.

For a moment, there was only silence, as if the world itself had disappeared.

Following the destruction, nothing but a void was left in the place. Even the portal that connected to the Palace of Star Alliance broke apart, shattering entirely.


It was unclear how much time had passed when Lucifer came to his senses.

As soon as he had stabbed the Statue, he felt a strange force flooding his body, overwhelming his body and his mind. He didn't even realize when he lost consciousness.

When he came to his senses, he felt pain all over his body. Even moving a single finger itself was hard, as if all of his bones were broken.

His body was physically fine as his healing had done its work, but still the pain was still there, which his healing couldn't do anything about.

Despite the pain, Lucifer forced his body up, only to find his body covered in blood. Since he couldn't see any wound, he wasn't certain just what exactly hurt him.

The only thing he remembered was stabbing the statue. His head was spinning with confusion as he tried to piece together what happened. The events leading up to his pain were a blur, but he was certain that it had something to do with the statue.

He had felt some force entering his body, but now that he looked inside his body, he couldn't see any unfamiliar force. Everything looked ordinary, which made him wonder if it was his misconception.

He straightened his body, standing in the endless space. There was no land as far as his eyes could see. He wasn't certain if the special realm itself was destroyed or he was just tossed away to some endless corner of the space.

But one thing was clear. He was alone, with no signs of life around him.

After observing his surroundings for a while, he could see that there were some signs of the space repairing itself, which made him certain that he wasn't sent to a different space. Instead, the special realm itself was destroyed.

As for the reason he was alive, he gave the credit to his healing. Even if most of his body was destroyed, he was able to heal himself to perfection. Talia didn't have this ability, as far as he knew. It made him wonder if she was dead.

Fortunately, he remembered the Star Alliance Palace. He had left his mark in that place before coming here. He even left a summoned beast in his Palace room, just to be safe. That made it easy to return, even without the portal.

He could return whenever he wanted, but before that, he wanted to search for any signs of Talia. If she was alive, then she was a dangerous link that couldn't be left free.

For the next few hours, he searched through the entire space. But let alone Talia, but even a single sign was left. Everything was gone. Except him, nothing was left.

"Did she really die?" His mind told him that he was dead, but he couldn't convince himself. How could it be that easy? Unfortunately, he had no choice but to believe it.

The only place left to check was Star Alliance. If she was alive, she would've gone there.

He used his Summoning Skills, and switched places with his Summoned Beast who he left in the Star Alliance.

As he used the skill, he disappeared. And in his place, the summoned beast appeared, looking confused as to why he was in the middle of nowhere. He started suffocating, unable to breathe in this space.


Back in the Star Alliance, Lucifer appeared where he had left his Summoned Beast. He had switched places with the beast he left as a precaution.

Following his arrival, Lucifer canceled his summon. The Beast in the endless space disappeared, having a look of relief on his face.

Lucifer stepped out of the room, observing the surroundings. The Palace appeared slightly more crowded, as if the security of this place was increased. There were more guards here, which made Lucifer frown.

Was it the work of Talia? Did she actually return alive and was preparing against him?

The Guards were patrolling the palace, their expressions grim. A lot of the Generals could also be seen outside the Palace, discussing something amongst themselves.

Even the Generals who had previously sided with Lucifer were looking down,as if something really big had happened.

Lucifer had a really bad feeling about this. He had to find out what happened!

He found an isolated guard and teleported right behind the guard. He closed the guard's mouth before appearing back inside his room, closing the door.

Since the room was previously checked and it was clear that he wasn't there, not many guards searched this area, giving him some time.

The Guard was initially horrified as he was suddenly brought here, but he couldn't speak with his mouth being closed.

Soon, he felt a knife made purely of black lightning resting against his throat. A single mistake meant his death.

"If you make any loud noise, I'll have to kill you," Lucifer told the man, without appearing before him.

He slowly removed his hand as the guard started nodding.

"Tell me what's happening?! Why are there so many Star Alliance Generals in the Palace? Why is the security so strict?"

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