Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 2330 Destroyed

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Chapter 2330 Destroyed

The final sight of many was nothing more than a blinding flash of light. Never did they think that their lives would end so simply, so cruelly. And yet, this was the reality of the world.

These large families knew this. Just how many had they snuffed out just like this on their rise to power? Too many. And not a single one of them were acknowledged in the annals of their history, not a single soul.

The reality that they would become one such existence in a long line of many only barely sunk in before they were crushed.

Leonel stood high in the skies, shaking his head. He had been looking forward to this battle, but the moment he had heard that voice in his head, he knew that it was a waste of time to have cared so much.

The truth was that in Morales territory, he was, indeed, invincible. However, it was all relative.

After he gained access to the Dream Plane, his ability to control the World Spirit of the Morales and their Constellation had reached an entirely new level, and the him of then could defeat the him of before without even breaking a sweat.

Once he sensed that he was a Wise Star Order, though, the largest changes weren't to his affinities at all, or even his Lineage Factors for that matter. Rather, it was to his mind.

The cells that had most greedily swallowed the surrounding Dark, Light, and Star Force were the neurons of his brain.

In truth, by this point in his advancement, Leonel had already begun to stray away from what his body alone could provide him, at least when it came to matters of his mind. He found it much more important to strengthen his Dream Force and increase his intelligence that way, than to think about the pathways of his physical brain.

But it seemed that he had underestimated the use of the body a bit too much. There was clearly much he still had to learn.

If he thought about it, though, this made perfect sense. Why was it that separating the soul from the body was so important if the body didn't also play a great and important role?

The unfortunate part, though, was that he didn't get his battle.

While his Dream Force hadn't improved, with the sudden super powering of his mind, his efficiency in its use had skyrocketed. As a result, he was able to fully copy the formation of the Spirituals in an instant, then use the Morales World Spirit to amplify its function.

Like that, he was able to launch an attack that surpassed the bounds of their current solar system and crushed the Tier 1 Starships in its wake.

He had an inkling of what these families wanted to do. They were likely biding their time, being cautious, they probably had several more waves of warriors to send forward just to probe the situation.

Leonel also didn't believe that these families would go down without a fight. He was about as strong as his father before Velasco broke into the Ninth Dimension back then, or at least the power his father had displayed.

From Leonel's understanding, it was likely that his father had maybe used a percent or two of his strength while at the pinnacle of the Eighth Dimension. He probably had the strength to kill King without breaking into the Ninth Dimension.

The reason his father had been forced to breakthrough, and thus withstood the backlash as a result, was because his attack needed to make it through a restriction of worlds and still be strong enough to kill King on the other side.

This aside, Leonel believed that he was at least as powerful as what his father had displayed in the Eighth Dimension with the support of the Morales territory, bolstered by his King's Might Lineage Factor, the World Spirit, and their Constellation. At least this was true before he became a Wise Star Order.

The power his father had displayed back then was powerful, but not infallible. It could easily crush Overlords, and deal with a few Tier 2 Starships, but it couldn't easily deal with Tier 1 Starships. That would have required several plans and schemes on his part, not to mention a deep understanding of Crafting.

By his simulations, he would have needed to withstand the destruction of at least 25% of Morales territory before he would come out victorious, 50% if Shield Cross Stars or the Godlen family managed to take out something that really surprised him.

Of course, he still had every intention of coming out victorious and he wasn't very worried.

But even he couldn't expect that he wouldn't even need to risk so much. All of his enemies had been crushed by a sudden breakthrough.

Leonel looked up. It seemed that state of mind was more important than he knew... that and that mysterious karma-like energy El'Rion mentioned.

It looked like he still had a lot to learn.

Vast Bubble.

A young woman, with her head buried in a well of water, suddenly shot back up, gasping for breath.

She regained her calm quickly, but she still felt her heart beating out of her chest. She had only been in the water for what must have been a split second of a split second in this world, but she had experienced many months, and the result made her feel completely drained as though she had truly experienced the entire time underwater.

If Leonel had been present, he would recognize this person immediately.

Cynthia Omann. The Scorned Queen Beauty.

But what was she doing here, exactly?

"You've seen what you needed to see?" A voice came.

"My family has been destroyed."

The voice stopped, not having expected this. In truth, this was quite embarrassing. They had promised Cynthia that the warning was silly, and even gave her a chance to observe, but the result...

Cynthia slowly wiped the water from her face.

"You can begin the selection now. I would truly like to see how far he can go."

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