Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 2356 Clown

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Chapter 2356 Clown

In the far-off distance, there was quite a large group of people. Even with his partial Bow Domain Lineage Factor, Leonel could see them quite clearly.

They had clearly used the demon monkey as a scout, which made sense considering the benefits of being both an archer and one of sharp sight. However, Leonel was wondering why these people hadn't done anything while their companion died.

'It seems that the relationship between the Alphas isn't as close-knit as that between the Alphas and their Betas. It's also possible that it's just a cultural thing, and they don't want to interfere in one-on-one battles. It's also possible they didn't respect this Alpha; a sneak attack like the one he tried to use against me isn't very much like the rest of the Alphas I've fought.'

Leonel casually tried to deduce some things. He felt that it was important to understand the enemies he was facing, mostly because their current behavior was... peculiar.

They had actually gathered up like this, each one of them with extraordinary power.

His eyes scanned them one by one, observing Alpha Clown for a very long while before he finally focused on Alpha Bluestar. This was definitely the person he was looking for, he was sure of it.

But the words of his father echoed in his mind again and he hesitated.

After a short while, he came to a decision.

'If I cannot break into the Impetus State with my Vital Star Force before this farce ends, I will take it regardless of the consequences. The longer I leave Aina in that state, the more variables there will be.'

Leonel relaxed when he came to this decision, as though a guillotine that had been hanging over his head vanished.

Then there was a flash of black.

Leonel practically had to look straight up. Alpha Clown stood at a height that was easily two of him. He moved so quickly that distance felt like nothing more than a joke to him.

He stood no more than a single meter from Leonel, looking down at him. His yellow, reptilian eyes seemed to be trying to see something. But what he wanted to see clearly didn't come.

"You can understand our language."

The words were deep and rumbling, and they also didn't seem like a question at all. Instead, it was a statement. Leonel could tell that this person wasn't very used to asking questions at all.

"That's not what you want to ask me," Leonel smiled. "First you want to know why I haven't retreated yet. Second, you want to know why I'm so powerful despite being in the Fifth Dimension."

The reptilian slits in Alpha Clown's eyes sharpened.

Indeed, he already knew how Leonel could. He had seen powerful Dream Force users before; he had instead wanted to probe Leonel, to get a baseline for who he was, and he had an answer already.


And more than that, correct.

"People like you, who like to toy with the minds of others, often die horrible deaths," Alpha Clown said slowly.

"Blaming someone else for your inadequacy? It doesn't seem like something an Alpha like yourself should do, no?"

A bloody grin spread across Alpha Clown's face. It was feeling with an eerie and almost crippling darkness, one that could freeze enemies as though a cold spell had been cast.

"You are not a Seed Participant. There are people in your world stronger than you?"

"I doubt it." Leonel said after a moment.

"You don't seem sure."

"Well, I can't be too arrogant, now can I? People don't usually like people like that."

"I believe that ship has sailed long ago."

Leonel chuckled. "You have a pretty scary face, but your sense of humor isn't bad."

"I try to tell people that all the time, but they never believe me."

"And why's that?"

"I'm not sure. I even put it in my name."

Leonel's smile brightened. "What? Do you call yourself Alpha Clown or something?"

The atmosphere seemed to freeze. The Alphas in the distance all felt their hearts constrict as a fist that could end worlds descended.

Leonel took one step to the side, and yet he still felt his knees nearly collapse.


A raging wind blew by his ear, shredded his skin apart. It would have taken his entire head with it, just from the wind pressure alone, had it not been for the fact his Universal Force was still circulating.

Even so, it looked as though half of his face had suddenly erupted in a wave of blood. He lost so many layers of skin that it almost exposed his bone.

Leonel shook his head and chuckled.

"I take it back," Leonel said with a bloody smile, "A clown shouldn't have such a bad sense of humor."

Alpha Clown slowly pulled his fist back. That sick and twisted smile was still there.

"Interesting. There are only two people I know in the Seventh Dimension that can survive a fist of mine. Well, you can't survive it, but you can at least dodge it.

"I'll give you a chance. Become my Beta and teach me how you are so powerful despite being so inferior in Dimension, and I will allow you to live."

Leonel's grin widened. Looking up at Alpha Clown, from the distance, it didn't feel as though he was half the former's height either.

"Didn't I tell you before? No one likes arrogant people."

"Arrogance implies inadequacy. The word you're looking for is confidence."

"You're not keeping up; I also already said something about that. Didn't you hear me?"

Leonel's smile suddenly faded, and the air shifted.

"Blaming someone else for your inadequacy isn't very Alpha-like.


Alpha Clown's smile froze.

"This Ability Index-"


Alpha Clown's entire expression seemed to be cast into a moment in time as one of his knees came crashing into the ground.

It was as though the world commanded him to do so, and he... couldn't fight back against it.

Leonel's spear rested on Alpha Clown's neck, looking straight into his eyes. He seemed to want to ingrain his image into Alpha Clown's psyche.

Then, he suddenly vanished.

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