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Marry A Sweetheart And Get Another Free: President, Please Sign This! Chapter 3992: so what if i’m slightly injured? free read Here - AngerNovel
Novel Name : Marry A Sweetheart And Get Another Free: President, Please Sign This!

Chapter 3992: so what if i’m slightly injured?

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Chapter 3992: so what if i’m slightly injured?

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teng siqing was still in a daze, but lin suxin had already stopped looking at her son’s condition.

she stood up and pulled teng qingze, who was beside her, to go upstairs. ‘ qingqing, i heard that qingze is very good at playing the piano. he won an award overseas at a young age, right? it’s all thanks to you that he’s been educated so well. quick, quick, take me to the piano room. i want to hear qingze play a song.”

lin suxin’s piano skills were very high. this was something that all of her fans knew.

teng siqing turned her head and saw that the little fellow had an eager expression, as if he wanted to show off in front of his grandmother.

she nodded. ” the piano room is upstairs. i’ll take you there. ‘

although it was the first time they had met, teng qingze and lin suxin seemed to hit it off very well.

on their way up, lin suxin kept asking about teng qingze’s progress in learning the zither.

usually, teng qingze would be so nervous that he couldn’t speak when he saw strangers. however, when he was facing lin suxin, he seemed much more lively than usual. it might be because of the results of the treatment recently or because of the attraction of blood. he spoke excitedly for a long time, and teng siqing couldn’t even get a word in.

after entering the piano room, teng qingze impatiently sat down in front of the piano and started to play a piece of music.

teng siqing felt that it sounded a little familiar. upon closer inspection, she realized that it was actually an interlude that the little fellow had played during the filming of “lingering sound.” this song was personally composed by he jinsi.

his first reaction was to think of this song, which meant that he really liked it.

they were truly father and son.

lin suxin sat at the side and listened quietly. she had a gentle smile on her face. every time teng qingze finished playing a song, the two of them would get together and discuss for a while. after the little fellow heard his grandmother’s comments, his eyes would immediately light up and he would repeatedly nod.

teng siqing sat by the side for a while. when she saw that the grandfather and grandson were conversing, she quietly stood up and walked out of the piano room. she even closed the door for them, leaving them some space.

what she didn’t know was that the moment she closed the door, teng qingze’s zither music stopped.

the two of them turned their heads at the same time and looked towards the door.

“grandma, did mommy go to find daddy? should we … follow them and take a look? i think mom and dad quarreled this morning …” teng qingze whispered in his grandmother’s ear.

lin suxin looked calm and composed. ” it’s alright. let’s continue playing the piano. we don’t need to care about them. ‘

“ah? but … mom bought such a big durian, it’s so scary … what if dad gets hurt?” the little fellow was clearly worried.

lin suxin waved her hand. ” what are you afraid of? he’s a man with thick skin and flesh. what’s wrong with him getting injured? ” you should!”

“gah?” the little fellow was instantly petrified.

what … what was going on?

didn’t dad say that grandma was the helper he had asked for?

he had thought that his grandmother was here to help mediate the fight, but in the end … could he still have a younger brother or sister?

” come on, qingze. there was a finger technique that you didn’t use well just now. let me demonstrate it to you … ” lin suxin managed to divert the little guy’s attention with a few words.

what would a child know?

the ruse of self-injury … was very useful.

in the past, she had fallen into his trap countless times.

he jinsi, this brat, had inherited his father’s skills.

teng siqing only felt that she had been too careless when she went downstairs.

what was she doing out here? it was as if she cared about that dog man!

she couldn’t be bothered to care if that guy was kneeling on a durian or not. it had nothing to do with her.

at the thought of this, she turned around and wanted to leave. however, at this moment, a low groan came from the corner of the living room..

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