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The Tyrant Father’s Pampered Daughter Chapter 972: If Brother Can’t Win, I’ll Get It Back For Him! free read Here - AngerNovel
Novel Name : The Tyrant Father’s Pampered Daughter

Chapter 972: If Brother Can’t Win, I’ll Get It Back For Him!

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Chapter 972:? If Brother Can’t Win, I’ll Get It Back For Him!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Back then, Gu Yihan was still a hot-tempered youth.

He grew up with Noble Consort Qiao, but the two of them would bicker and quarrel whenever they met.

Qiao Yayu found her way to the training grounds and asked the soldiers to hand over the person who had injured her brother.

However, the soldiers looked at each other.

Everyone’s faces were filled with hidden difficulties!

Qiao Yayu was furious. “You guys aren’t going to tell me?”

It wasn’t that they didn’t want to say it, but that they didn’t dare to say it!

At this moment, Gu Yihan had his hands behind his back and was wearing a golden headgear, his eyes handsome and cold.

He slowly walked out of the tent and raised his eyebrows at Qiao Yayu.

“I was the one who did it. Why?”

His attitude was rude, domineering, and extremely unreasonable.

Although he was a legitimate prince and was doted on by the emperor, Qiao Yayu had grown up with him from a very young age.

She was also the beloved daughter of the Grace Defender Duke, General Qiao.

At that time, she was also at the age where she looked beautiful and wasn’t afraid of him!

When she heard this, she suddenly raised her long saber. “Your Highness, you bullied my brother! To think that you were actually so ruthless when he was unwilling to hurt you!”

Gu Yihan frowned and stared at the white blade in her hand and the beauty’s angry round eyes.

“I also gave Qiao Zijin an advantage of only using one hand! Why are you only saying that I bullied him?”

“Why don’t you ask if he injured me?”

Qiao Yayu frowned, making the beauty so angry that her face was as red as a flower.

“Isn’t Your Highness standing here fine? My brother’s arm was dislocated by you!”

As she spoke, Qiao Yayu raised her long saber. “Our Qiao Family will never lose a battle. If Brother can’t win, I’ll get it back for him! Take this!”

Her blade was cold as she slashed at Gu Yihan mercilessly.

Gu Yihan was shocked and took two steps back.

This crazy woman was really willing to fight with him!

The guards behind Gu Yihan quickly protected the prince.

However, because Qiao Yayu’s attack was too fierce, they had no choice but to counterattack.

Even when facing the siege of more than 20 people, Qiao Yayu’s saber technique was smooth like a swimming dragon!

Her jade-like eyebrows and black hair were neat and her actions really stunned everyone.

Gu Yihan stood behind the guard and frowned. “Don’t hurt her.”

Qiao Yayu was furious. “I don’t need your hypocrisy! If you have the capability, come and fight me personally!”

Gu Yihan couldn’t help but chuckle. “Fight you? Didn’t you say that men and women shouldn’t touch each other and won’t spar with me?”

The anger in Qiao Yayu’s heart increased.

This bad man!

Not only did he hurt her brother, but he also stood there leisurely and cracked wise remarks!

Immediately, her attacks became even more ferocious. Her figure changed like a fragrant cold wind.

Wanyin and Wanxuan couldn’t help but clap and cheer at the side.

As expected of their young miss!

Not long later, the guards fell to the ground, all of them feeling dizzy.

There were also a few people who cried out in pain.

However, Qiao Yayu didn’t use the blade to cut them. It was just that every guard more or less took a few punches from her.

Gu Yihan even applauded softly. “Amazing.”

Qiao Yayu was so tired that she was panting. She glared at Gu Yihan. “Are you treating me like a monkey?”

Gu Yihan couldn’t help but laugh and said provocatively, “Monkeys aren’t as good at fighting as you.”

“How about this? I don’t think you’re convinced either. It’s not impossible for me to fight you, but I have a request.”

“If I win, you’ll give up on going to the border to join the army to train. How about that?” Gu Yihan retracted his smile.

Qiao Yayu exhaled slightly with her red lips to calm down from her exhaustion.

She tightened her grip on the blade.

“You know very well that when Godmother was alive, she supported me in doing what I wanted to do.

“My father said that the Qiao Family was born to be loyal to the emperor and serve the country. Why can’t I join the military? Don’t underestimate women.”

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