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Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability Chapter 1202: Who Else Is Still Backing Her free read Here - AngerNovel
Novel Name : Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability

Chapter 1202: Who Else Is Still Backing Her

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Chapter 1202: Who Else Is Still Backing Her

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Xue Yingyue was carrying a white fox and stroking its smooth fur when she saw an old nanny rush in from outside. Her eyes lit up.

“How is it? Did you find out why they came back?” she asked immediately.

The old nanny bowed to Xue Yingyue. “Princess Consort, there are people guarding the front yard. My people can’t even enter. We can’t find out anything,” she replied with an ugly expression.

The Qiongzhi Courtyard was under tight security. They could not even see An Jiuyue, the Princess Consort. They only saw Prince Zhan Yun leave the Qiongzhi Courtyard and go to the front yard.

And she could not gather any information from the front yard either.

“Trash!” Xue Yingyue could not help but curse when she found out that her people could not find out anything.

She really wanted to know why Qian Jiyun had returned suddenly. Although outsiders might think that he had always been in the Prince Zhan Yun Residence, only she, the old Emperor, and a few others knew that he had left long ago.

So why did he return suddenly? Didn’t he used to disappear without a trace? He would not come back for a year or two either.

Yet he was back in less than a year this time?

“Princess Consort, please forgive me. It’s my fault.”

The nanny saw that her master was angry and quickly took the blame.

Xue Yingyue would not fault her if she took the initiative to take the blame.

After all, everyone knew that it was not easy to obtain information about the Prince Zhan Yun Residence.

Xue Yingyue exhaled heavily.

Worrying about the reason for Qian Jiyun’s return was pointless now. After all, he was already back.

“Have you sent word?” she asked.

“Yes, I have,” the nanny replied quickly.

She could not find out anything about Qian Jiyun’s return, but she had sent word that he had returned.

She had, of course, informed the palace. Only the person in the palace would be this anxious to know where Qian Jiyun was.

Now that Qian Jiyun was back, she wondered what that person in the palace would do.

She had heard that Prince De had suffered a lot at the border. The Emperor would probably vent his anger on Qian Jiyun. After all, who would dare to do anything to Prince De without his permission?

The old Emperor would deal with Qian Jiyun next. An Jiuyue had tricked Prince Sui and caused Consort Wen to be reprimanded by the old Emperor. Consort Wen would not let Qian Jiyun and An Jiuyue off, right?

Consort Wen was stupid to begin with. It would not be surprising if she went overboard to fight for her pride.

“Send a message to Consort Wen secretly. Also, keep an eye on the front yard.

Report to me immediately if anything happens.”

‘Yes, Princess Consort,” the nanny replied respectfully and left.

“Princess Consort this, Princess Consort that; it seems like she really thinks she’s the master of this place.”

An Jiuyue and Qian Jiyun stood on a big tree near the house where Xue Yingyue and the old nanny were talking and listened in.

“Jiyun, now that Qian Liuguang is dead, she has lost at least one supporter. I wonder who else is still backing her now..”

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